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Jewellery has magical power. When we find the right piece it can give us the confidence to be ourselves and courage to take on life’s challenges. Yet we rarely take our most cherished pieces out of their boxes to embrace their empowering energy. For us, jewellery is an expression of self that shouldn’t be confined to special occasions. That’s why Baguette pieces are made to be with you every day, for the little moments.

Our brand takes its name from a beloved symbol of fine jewellery – the baguette-cut diamond. Each creation is a carefully considered interpretation of the angular shape and bold form of the baguette shape. Modernizing vintage forms is a prominent part of Baguette’s DNA. Our timeless cuts, elegant details and bold styles come to life in the heart of the Grand Bazaar where traditional and contemporary elements merge together in unique ways.

Each collection speaks to previous collections through aesthetics and artistry. Every piece is different yet similar in style so that you can find new additions that complement your ever growing fine-jewellery collection.

With exceptional attention to detail, authentic craftsmanship and quality material, Baguette embraces all the things that make fine jewellery “so fine”.

Our Story

Baguette was founded by Jasmin Baruh Siloni and Murat Ali Gök in 2014.

Jasmin had grown up around fine jewellery and developed a passion for luxury pieces that could be worn on a daily basis. She envisioned precious stones and courageous styles that would become a part of the beholders day to day life. Murat had always dreamed of having his own jewellery brand. Having dedicated more than 25 years to master the art of jewellery making, his specialized set of skills and keen eye for detail and design made them perfect partners.

With Jasmin’s passion for well-crafted fine jewellery and Murat’s attention to workmanship, they gave life to a jewellery brand that reinterprets vintage elements in modern ways. Together they turned unique visions into perfectly crafted pieces and established the timeless signature elements that make Baguette designs visibly distinguishable today.

Now, Baguette’s legacy is carried out by Jasmin’s sister Vanessa Baruh Pardo and Murat. Vanessa, much like her sister, had developed a passion for fine jewellery at an early age. She has taken the brand in a boldly modern direction while still holding on to the essence of the vintage styles that inspired her during childhood.

Vanessa and Murat continue to shed light on the Baguette legacy by creating stunningly detailed jewellery made for everyday use. Together, the duo carries out Jasmin’s legacy of a delicately bold fine jewellery brand.

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