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Baguette Jewellery is an Istanbul based Fine Jewellery brand since 2014.

It was formed to make fine jewellery a part of our daily lives rather than to stay hidden in house safes. The creators of Baguette Jewellery are Jasmin Baruh Siloni and Murat Ali Gök, whom are two passionate jewellery lovers.

Jasmin is a Business Administration graduate from Koç University. She has also completed MSC in International Management Programme in the same university. On the other hand, Murat has a both production and selling experience at Kapalıçarşı (GrandBazaar), a market place considered to be the centre of jewellery in Turkey for centuries. Murat has gained experience in jewellery workmanship for more than 10 years. This experiences has allowed him to accomplish his long hold dream of forming a jewellery design brand, of course with Jasmin’s unique design vision. All these unique designs, come to life in the hands of the fine jewellery artisans who are the best in their areas with the help of the experience they obtained in centuries.

Today, Baguette Jewellery is continuing its journey with Jasmin’s sister Vanessa Baruh and Murat Ali Gök under the same vision and values. Vanessa is a lawyer , graduated from İstanbul Bilgi University. She has also been a passionate jewellery lover from her childhood. Vanessa is excellent at understanding women’s needs and Murat does remarkable effort to make the products technically well served. They complete one another perfectly.

Baguette Jewellery was a small, startup business at first but today women who has taste of jewellery can distinguish Baguette’s unique designs and products anywhere. After extensive expansion in the local market, Baguette is now ready to meet its customers from all around the globe.

All collections have something in common and this commonality shapes the name of the brand. The collections mainly include “baguette cut diamonds” as it is the brands signature. Baguette Jewellery pieces are timeless. The unique collections of each year are forming the latest trends. All of the collections might seem different, however are related to eachother. This philosophy enables us to create a “daily jewellery” concept where our permanant customers are willing to increase their combination all the time. Our signature pieces always have a modern twist to catch the seasonal trends and the Art Deco era has special part in our brands DNA.

We also love creating one of a kind design based on our customer needs and personalized Baguette items which have special place in our hearts.

We believe that Baguette Jewellery is an inspiration to many women as it became more fashionable and desirable every day.

You can find Baguette Jewelery products at Baguette Jewellery Showroom as well as Beymen Zorlu, İstinye Park and Suadiye stores and in some concept stores in different cities. You can shop online at shop.baguettejewellery.com

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